Irish Locksmiths - The Professional Autolocksmiths for every make of car and van in the North East of Ireland.
Irish Locksmiths - A1 Mobile Locksmiths Dundalk Co.Louth Ireland

Car Locksmith Service
A1locksmiths can provide a fast and reliable locksmith service for a wide variety of cars. We can perform an onsite lock repair or replacement service on your when you need us most. So you need never need to be stranded with a jammed lock again.
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Van Locksmith Service
A1locksmiths specialises in services fleet and commercial vehicles for every size of company. We can also offer a free quote on improving your van locking security and we can recommend a wide range of specialised locks for your make and model.
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Car Opening Service
We have the latest technology available to open practically every make and model on the road without having to damage the vehicle. So we will go to every length to make sure that we can carefully get you into your car and get you on the road in no time.
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Key Cutting Service
We have a key for every car and van so that our on the road key cutting and programming service can give you access. We can also order a replacement master key on your behalf from your vehicle supplier if the event that the original is lost or stolen.
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